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Jane Elliott founder of Brighter Day adaptive clothing wearing a dress with womens faces on it and is standing outside in front of a grey fence. She is smiling and looking up away from the camera

Our story

Brighter Day is the story of Australian entrepreneurial spirit driven by a vision to think big when it comes to overcoming a shared societal challenge. Founder, Jane Elliott, is one of the many Australian women to be diagnosed with cancer in recent years and is currently undergoing specialist medical treatment to combat the disease. It was in receiving this frequent hospital care that Jane would intuitively manifest her, “lightbulb moment”! An innovative line of functional fashion that permits easy access to chest port treatment while still offering a casual sense of contemporary style. As Jane so eloquently puts it, “It’s designed for the person — not just the patient”.

The name “Brighter Day” is symbolic of the vision behind the brand while also encompassing the internal mission of the company. Everything Brighter Day stands for comes from a desire to create a positive outlook for those who share the same story including patients, family, friends, doctors, nurses, partners and suppliers — essentially, uplifting an entire medical community through the catalyst of care. What’s more entrepreneurial than that?!

To monopolise on this niche Australian fashion opportunity, tireless research and development took place across fabrics, fastenings, design and sizing. The clothes had to breathe to allow for comfort and temperature modulation during hospital treatment with natural fibres proving to be the best option. Easy access snaps and zippers were tested with no steel styles possible due to MRI and CT scan protocols. Chest port access points had to be trialled across the sizing spectrum and only bright fabrics were sourced to convey the power of positivity for upbeat Brighter Day wearers. This ideal combination of people, planning and production had now stitched together a meaningful fashion line that’s totally unique in-market when it comes to seamless product invention, intention and direction.

For Jane, being an entrepreneur means using your enterprise to create and manage a business that she does through her three pillars of progress: courage, initiative and determination. At the end of Jane’s business day, it’s readily apparent that true success really comes down to heart — heartfelt intention that what she’s creating makes the world a better place. “Ideally I would love for people who wear my garments to feel like they're getting a big hug from me. To know that I'm with you because I've been you, and I still am”!

close up of a woman wearing a green adaptive top with the zip open on one side. It shows her chest port IV has been connected and she is receiving chemotherapy for cancer


We empower people to embrace their identity and take control of their life through new-found freedom in functional fashion.


We come from the same place of compassion and understand the physical and emotional path you’re travelling on.


We are a collective of likeminded people who spread a powerful sprit of hope and happiness amongst fellow patients, medical professionals and loved ones.