What to say about my friend Kate...

She was witty, fun and smart, kind and generous. She blazed through life with fire and honesty that the rest of us could only dream of exhibiting. She lived her fullest life and showed everyone how to do it in style.

Kate died from Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2021, after 4 years of treatment. She and I were treated at the same hospital and often accompanied each other to scans, appointments and treatment. I'm grateful we were able to be there for each other with the good news and really crappy times.

Kate was an incredible artist in various ways from sketching to sewing and painting. Preserving her artwork is important to me and I'm so glad I have been able to create greeting cards with the support of Kate's parents and some other local businesses.

In the years before she passed we often spoke about how there weren't any cute, funny or quirky greeting cards for people who are going through a crappy time. We didn't want sympathy and those cards are all soppy and boring. This collection of empathy cards was created with a dark twist of humour, Kate would love laughing at these.

All the artwork on these cards is lifted from her various sketch books and journals, the font I chose is so close to her handwriting too.

For every card that is sold from Kate's collection, Brighter Day donates $2 to Love Your Sister, Kate's chosen charity for all the incredible fundraising that she did.

You can follow the progress of donations at the Fundraising Page here.

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