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Meet Jane

Jane Elliott is the inspiring founder and co-designer behind new functional fashion brand, “Brighter Day”. Through her personal experience in receiving cancer treatment, she has now tapped into her lifelong love of fashion to create a stylish range of garments that intuitively adapt to the needs of ongoing medical procedures. Bold and bright with an emphasis on comfort with care, Jane is on a mood-boosting mission to help women who share a similar story find new-found freedom and support on their path to wellness.    

Jane Elliott is the founder of brighter day
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a woman is looking down and has unzipped her green top to reveal a chest port which she is receiving cancer treatment

Being an intuitive woman, she had read the right signals — Jane’s specialist confirming that the cancer had returned, but this time, in her lymph node. Jane immediately had the lump removed and four-months later, another appeared in the same spot as well as on her lung. To save her veins from cannulas and to make it easier for nurses to draw blood and administer meds, Jane had a small surgery to have a port inserted into her chest. The only real drawback to this was the need to stretch clothing over the port so nurses could access it. Enter the Brighter Day story. After talking with doctors, nurses and fellow cancer patients — alongside internet searched — Jane couldn’t find purpose-made clothing specifically designed with port access in mind. So, with ongoing treatment forecast in the diary, she resigned from work, deferred university and set about making port-friendly tops of her own.

Prototypes were soon underway featuring raglan sleeves, easy-access snaps and zippers, and bright colours for a stylish pop of happiness. Comfort was obviously key achieved by using natural fibres that breathe and can be layered to keep you warm or cool.

Jane is lead by curiosity and problem solving and has continued to learn more about medical devices that people have for all kinds of treatments and illnesses, including PEG and PEJ, and stomas.

Presently she is connecting with many organisations and charities to work together towards patient comfort, advocacy and support.

She would also love to hear from nurses and other healthcare workers who have patients in this area and who could benefit from adaptive clothing.

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